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The Circuit Report: Team Preview - SEMO Family Elite 2026

The SEMO Family Elite (SFE) Class of 2026 is a force to be reckoned with. Based out of Southeast Missouri and coached by the up-and-coming Claude Armstrong, this team is made up of some of the best young talents in the Bootheel and beyond.

"SFE" started their season with a bang at the Showdown in the City event in Jonesboro, Arkansas. They dominated the competition and emerged as the champions in their first outing. The team's impressive performance was a testament to their hard work and dedication, both on and off the court.

The tough 15u group is just getting started as their work is still ahead. Coach Armstrong has crafted a high-level schedule mixed with competition and exposure. This schedule will feature trips to Indianapolis, St. Louis, Memphis, and Kansas City, along with the highly anticipated 6th Annual AthElite Select Super 16 tournament.

This team's talent and potential are undeniable, thanks in large part to the leadership of their coach, Claude Armstrong. Armstrong's coaching style emphasizes hard work, discipline, and teamwork, and his players have responded with a level of intensity and passion that is rare for players of their age.

The SFE Class of 2026 is a well-rounded team with a mix of high paced guards, knock down shooters, and athletic wings and forwards who can all contribute in different ways. Their impressive performance at the Showdown in the City event was a testament to their ability to play as a team, as members of the team made unselfish plays through out en route to the first title of the season.

Their trip to Indianapolis will pit them against some of the best teams in the Midwest, and the St. Louis tournament will give them the opportunity to compete against some of the top teams in the region. The Memphis and Kansas City trips will provide them with a chance to test their skills against teams from across the country. To tune up for their grueling July schedule, SEMO Family Elite will look to defend Southeast Missouri at the AthElite Select Super 16 tournament. This event has traditionally brought teams from 15+ states and has included teams from Canada and Spain. Coach Armstrong's team will be ready to prove that they are amongst the best of the best.

The SEMO Family Elite Class of 2026 travel basketball team is one to watch. Their impressive start to the season and challenging schedule ahead make them a team to keep an eye on. With their talent, hard work, and dedication, there's no doubt that they will continue to make waves in the world of travel basketball.


April 21-23 The Stage - Indianapolis, Indiana

May 5-7 RecruitLook - St. Louis, Missouri

May 12-14 RecruitLook Memphis Showcase - Memphis, Tennessee

June 24-25 AthElite Select Super 16 - Cape Giradeau, Missouri

June 30-July 2 RecruitLook - Kansas City, Missouri

July 7-9 NCAA Live Period = Kansas City, Missouri

July 14-16 RecruitLook - Kansas City, Missouri


Johmir Guyton #8

Kameron Bobo #5

Quintavius Hollis #55

Ashton Dismukes #2

J’Vonta Payne #6

Terrion Smith #35

Owen Fortner #14

Korbin Kinder #24

Jack Carey #4

Cj Wallace #0

Xavier Harris #3

Jaharus Goodwin #1


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