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TEAM TO WATCH: Legacy Elite 2027

As the AthElite Memorial Day Challenge approaches this weekend in Owensboro, Kentucky, basketball enthusiasts are buzzing about the Legacy Elite 2027 team. With eight players ranked in the top 100 of the 2027 class by PrepHoops, Legacy Elite boasts a roster brimming with talent and promise. This squad is poised to dominate the competition and is an early favorite in the 15U division.

Meet the Team:

Landon Henning (6'9" C, #22 Overall, #2 Center) Landon Henning is a powerhouse in the paint. Known for his shot-blocking ability and relentless rebounding, Henning is a double-double machine, averaging 15 points and 12 rebounds per game. His presence under the basket is formidable, making him a key player for Legacy Elite.

Dre'Mail Carothers (6'3" SG, #28 Overall, #6 Shooting Guard) Dre'Mail Carothers brings versatility and scoring prowess to the team. As the #6 shooting guard in the state, Carothers has a knack for making crucial plays and is a reliable scoring option. His size and skill make him a significant threat on both ends of the court.

Michael Acton (6'3" CG, #50 Overall, #9 Combo Guard) Michael Acton is a dynamic combo guard who can take over games with his speed and scoring ability. Averaging 23 points, 9 rebounds, and 6 assists per game, Acton is on the rise and expected to be a top 5 player in the state by the end of the summer. His ability to impact the game in multiple ways makes him invaluable to Legacy Elite.

Braylon Kelly (5'11" CG, #52 Overall, #11 Combo Guard) Braylon Kelly is a versatile guard with excellent court vision and playmaking skills. His ability to handle the ball, shoot from distance, and drive to the basket makes him a multifaceted threat. Kelly's court awareness and decision-making are top-notch, contributing significantly to Legacy Elite's offensive and defensive schemes.

Eli Williams (5'10" PG, #57 Overall, #15 Point Guard) Eli Williams is a floor general who excels in orchestrating the offense. His quickness, ball-handling, and leadership qualities make him a standout point guard. Williams' ability to penetrate defenses and create scoring opportunities for his teammates is crucial to the team's success.

Keegan Stacy (5'10" PG, #80 Overall, #21 Point Guard) Keegan Stacy is a crafty point guard known for his smart play and defensive tenacity. His ability to read the game and make intelligent decisions sets him apart. Stacy's agility and quickness allow him to navigate through defenses and contribute effectively on both ends of the floor.

Omarion Green (5'8" PG, #94 Overall, #29 Point Guard) Omarion Green may be one of the smaller players on the roster, but his impact is immense. His speed, ball-handling, and tenacity make him a disruptive force on defense and a catalyst on offense. Green's energy and intensity bring an added dimension to Legacy Elite's play.

Daveon Hinton (6'0" PG, #97 Overall, #26 Point Guard) Daveon Hinton is a versatile point guard with a strong all-around game. His size and skill set enable him to contribute in various aspects, from scoring to defending. Hinton's work ethic and basketball IQ make him a valuable asset to the team.

The Legacy Elite Experience:

Legacy Elite 2027, under the guidance of their skilled coaching staff, epitomizes the blend of talent and teamwork. Their impressive roster, featuring eight players ranked in the top 100 of their class, is a testament to their dedication and hard work. Each player brings unique strengths to the team, creating a well-rounded and formidable squad.

As they prepare to compete in the AthElite Memorial Day Challenge, Legacy Elite 2027 is not just looking to win but to showcase their skills and prove why they are considered one of the best. Their collective talent and potential for growth make them a must-watch team this weekend.

Be sure to follow Legacy Elite 2027 at the AthElite Memorial Day Challenge and witness the future stars of basketball in action. With their combination of skill, determination, and teamwork, they are set to make a lasting impact and continue their journey toward excellence.


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