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Players to Watch at the 3rd Annual AthElite Memorial Day Challenge

This weekend's AthElite Memorial Day Challenge is LOADED with top teams and players from 7+ states as they head to the Owensboro Convention Center to compete for the AthElite Championship Rings. Unsigned 2024s all the way down to rising 2032 prospects will be on display all weekend long. Here are some players to watch:

Premium Ballerz 17u:

  • Cortez Murphy (2026, East HS) Cortez Murphy is a versatile player who excels in both offense and defense. Known for his impressive athleticism and ability to make big plays, Murphy is a dynamic presence on the court. His versatility allows him to contribute in various positions, making him a key player for the Premium Ballerz.

  • Jr Graham (2026, East HS) Jr Graham is a an elite player who dominates the game with his craft and skill. His ability to control the the pace on both ends and contribute in a variety of ways sets him apart. Graham's physicality and determination make him a formidable opponent, and he consistently brings high energy to every game.

  • Donte Burchette (2025, Maplewood HS) Donte Burchette is a a nice scorer with a keen eye for the basket. His shooting accuracy and range make him a significant threat from all over. Burchette's scoring ability, combined with his quick decision-making, allows him to create opportunities and keep the defense on its toes.

  • Malik Barlow (2026, Overton HS) Malik Barlow is a nice 2026 prospect known for his ability to create for himself and others. His ability to navigate through defenses and set up plays for his teammates makes him invaluable. Barlow's leadership and basketball IQ ensure that he is always a step ahead, orchestrating the game with precision.

Tri-State 17u

  • Keaton Hughes (6’7”, F/C) Jaxo Brown (5'9”, Guard)

  • Keaton is emerging as one of the best bigs in the state. He is a traditional big man who finishes well with both hands around the rim and in face-up situations. His hard work on both ends of the court makes him a key player to watch.

UpNext 2026

  • James Bradley Jr. (6’0”, 2026, Combo Guard)

  • James plays fast and downhill, finishing through contact with ease. He is also a tenacious defender, often tasked with guarding the opposing team’s best perimeter threat.

  • Alex Klarr (6’4”, 2027, Forward)

  • Alex has an unstoppable motor and a deadly baseline spin move. Recently, he has consistently knocked down corner threes, adding another layer to his offensive game.

UpNext 2027

  • Keshawn Moore (6’0”, 2027)

  • Keshawn is a facilitator who loves to set up his teammates while also being a capable scorer. His control and slight flashiness make his play exciting to watch, adding flair to his team's offense

OBKY Gators 2032

  • Terryon Jenkins (SG, Class of 2032)

  • Terryon is a knock-down shooter from beyond the arc and can drive to the rim effectively. His defensive prowess makes him a well-rounded threat on both ends of the court.

  • Israel Hughes (SF/SG, Class of 2032)

  • Israel is a great two-way player with the ability to shoot the three and attack the basket. His rebounding and defensive skills add significant value to his team.

  • Chandler Buell (PG, Class of 2032)

  • Chandler is a shifty ball handler who can easily get to the basket. His ability to knock down the three makes him a versatile offensive player.

OBKY Gators 2031

  • Cooper Land (C/PF, Class of 2031)

  • Cooper is a dominant presence in the paint, known for his rebounding and physical play. He also has the skills to handle the ball, making him a unique big man.

WKY Raptors 2030:

  • Corban Adams

  • Corban is a smooth young guard with advanced scoring abilities. He excels both off the catch-and-shoot and off the dribble, making him a versatile offensive threat.

Kentucky Bears 2030:

  • Karch Duke (#14, 5’2”, Guard, Class of 2030)

  • Karch is a playmaker who excels at shooting and ball handling. His ability to involve his teammates and create plays makes him a key player for the Bears.

  • Xavious Woods (#5, 4’9”, Guard, Class of 2030)

  • Xavious is a good defensive player who also makes great passes and can knock down the three. His ability to attack the inside adds depth to his offensive game.

  • Jay Snipes (#12, 5’6”, Guard, Class of 2030)

  • Jay is a great scorer who can push the ball the length of the court. His rebounding and active play make him a significant contributor on both ends of the floor.

  • Aiden Wright (#11, 5’7”, Big Man, Class of 2030)

  • Aiden is a physical player who can run the floor and defend well. He has a reliable three-point shot and is a strong rebounder.

Memphis Knights 2025:

  • Cody McGee (Class of 2025, Point Guard)

  • Cody is a dynamic floor general with excellent court vision and leadership skills. His quick decision-making and ability to drive the lane make him a key player for the Knights.

  • Cael Jones (Class of 2025, PG/SG)

  • Cael is a versatile guard who can play both point and shooting guard positions. His scoring ability from all three levels and strong defensive presence will be crucial for the Knights’ success.

Team United 2028:

  • Aaron Adams (Class of 2028, Wing)

  • Aaron brings size and athleticism to Team United. His ability to stretch the floor with his shooting and drive to the basket will be vital for his team’s offensive strategy.

Team Arkansas 2025:

  • Lamon Aldridge (6’2, Class of 2025)

  • Known for his mid-range jumper and relentless rebounding, Lamon plays above the rim and is a defensive stopper. His high energy and motor make him a force on both ends of the floor.

  • Cash Lindsey (6’1, 175 lbs, PG/SG, Rector High School)

  • Cash is a prolific scorer and rebounder, averaging 15 ppg for Team Arkansas. His ability to facilitate and score makes him a dual threat on the court.

  • Elijah Donnerson (6'2, Class of 2024, Point Guard)

  • Elijah Donnerson is one of the top 2024 prospects left unsigned in Arkansas and beyond. He runs the show for Team Arkansas 17u and does it at an ELITE level. Standing at 6'2", he has a nice frame that is ready to make an impact right away at the college level. Holds offers from DCC, St. Clair CC, SEMO Prep, City Tech, and Tyson Prep.

Team AP 2027:

  • John Nwoye (6’5, #24, Class of 2027)

  • John is a dominant inside presence with his height and wingspan, making him a key player in the paint for Team AP.

  • Stephen Saulter (6’3, #8, Class of 2027)

  • The Saulter twins are versatile guards who can score from outside and drive to the basket. Their chemistry on the court is unmatched.

  • Jalen Wilson (6’1, #5, Class of 2027)

  • Jalen’s quickness and scoring ability make him a key player to watch. His defensive tenacity also adds significant value to Team AP.

Nashville Future Starz 2029:

  • Cemari Watkins (#1, 5’4, Guard)

  • Cemari is a skilled ball handler and elite scorer, known for his excellent free throw shooting. His ability to control the game’s tempo will be pivotal.

  • Kemarion McDougal (#5, 5’6, Guard)

  • Kemarion is the team’s best athlete, capable of finishing strong at the rim. His versatility allows him to play both inside and on the perimeter.

UpNext 2025:

  • Jayden Marr (6’2, Green Co. HS)

  • Jayden is a solid three-level scorer and a defensive pest. His improved midrange game makes him a consistent offensive threat.

  • Graham Krezmien (6’6, St. Xavier HS)

  • Graham is a perfect stretch forward, capable of scoring and rebounding effectively. His presence in the paint is significant for UpNext.

  • Brooks Cargould (6’, North Oldham HS)

  • Brooks is a sharpshooter, maintaining a 43% shooting average from three. His consistent perimeter shooting stretches defenses.

  • Mercer Rogers (6’, Breckinridge Co. HS)

  • Mercer is a versatile floor general and a strong full-court defender. His leadership and defensive skills are essential for his team’s success.

UpNext 2026:

  • Tylin George (6’4”, Wing, Class of 2026)

  • Tylin is an impressive wing player with a bright future, expected to attract D1 interest. His all-around game and athleticism make him a standout.

  • Kaden Mohler (6’1”, Guard, Class of 2026)

  • Kaden is a playmaker and facilitator with an improved scoring ability. His ability to shoot off the catch and drive to the rim makes him a dual threat.

Kentucky Bears 2028:

  • Brycen Eubanks (Class of 2029, 6’5)

  • Brycen is an elite rim protector and a defensive anchor for the Bears. His shot-blocking ability will be a key factor.

  • Jonovan Leavell (Class of 2028, Guard)

  • Jonovan is a two-way guard with excellent defensive skills and the ability to contribute offensively.

  • Jayon Bass (Class of 2028, 6’2)

  • Jayon is a high-motor player who dominates the paint. His rebounding and inside scoring are crucial for the Bears.

  • Mason Hopkins (Class of 2029)

  • Mason is a knockdown shooter, providing consistent scoring from beyond the arc for the Bears.

KY Panthers 17u:

  • Braden Waller (Class of 2025, 6’6, Wing)

  • Braden is a smooth left-handed player with excellent footwork and perimeter shooting. His versatility and scoring ability make him a top player to watch.

  • Caden Fulcher (Class of 2027, 6’0, PG)

  • Caden is an elite passer with a high basketball IQ. His ability to score at all three levels and facilitate for teammates is outstanding.

  • Raygon Mathis (Class of 2027, 6’0, PG)

  • Raygon is an elite on-ball defender with a relentless motor. His blue-collar mentality and ability to create energy are invaluable.

Kentucky Supreme 2025:

  • Jace Birney (6’4, Ballard Memorial HS)

  • Jace is a high-volume scorer with over 2,000 points in his high school career. His ability to play multiple positions and score efficiently makes him a top prospect.

  • Lacon McKinney (6’2, Henderson County HS)

  • Lacon is a three-level scorer with a high basketball IQ. His leadership and defensive tenacity make him the ultimate glue guy.

Kentucky Supreme 2027:

  • Tate Powers (5’9, Apollo HS)

  • Tate is an elite ball handler with amazing court vision. His ability to shoot from deep and facilitate for others makes him a true point guard.

  • Harris Moore (6’3, Murray HS)

  • Harris is a strong forward who excels in rebounding and footwork around the rim. His physicality and decision-making are impressive for his age.

SI Select 2025:

  • Jalon Ellis (6’1, Guard, Carrier Mills HS)

  • Jalon is a high-IQ player with a college-ready frame. His ability to create for himself and others makes him a standout guard.

  • Kaden Rogowski (6’2, Guard, Marion HS)

  • Kaden is having a breakout spring with SI Select. His deadly shooting and quick first step make him a nightmare for defenders.

Legacy Elite 2027:

  • Landon Henning (6’9, Forward/Center)

  • Landon is dominant in the paint with great shot-blocking and rebounding abilities. His consistent double-double performances make him a key player.

  • Michael Acton (6’3, Combo Guard)

  • Michael is a lightning-quick guard who can take over games. His scoring, rebounding, and playmaking skills make him a top player to watch.

Tri County Rockets 2025:

  • Jeriyan Long (6’5, SF/PF, Junior)

  • Jeriyan is a versatile forward who can play inside and out. His mid-range shooting, rebounding, and shot-blocking make him a significant presence.

  • Chris Littleton Jr. (5’9, Junior, PG)

  • Chris is a tough left-handed point guard with great shooting and defensive skills. His tenacity on both ends of the court sets the tone for his team.

Impact Renegades 2026:

  • Owen Shively (5’10, Class of 2026)

  • Owen is a pure point guard known for his leadership and ball-handling. His defensive skills and court vision are exceptional.

  • Cam Pippen (6’5, Class of 2026)

  • Cam is an excellent stretch shooter with a solid all-around game. His scoring and rebounding are vital for the Renegades.

  • Gavin Nunn (6’5, Class of 2026)

  • Gavin excels in the post with great footwork and scoring ability. His ability to push the ball makes him a versatile forward.

  • Jerius Coleman (6’1, Class of 2026)

  • Jerius is a versatile defender and rebounder with a knack for slashing to the basket. His shooting ability rounds out his all-around game.

Kentucky Legends:

  • Hudson Jessie

  • Hudson is a versatile player averaging 16 ppg and 8 rpg. His tough-nosed, hard-working approach makes him a key contributor for the Legends.

Hoops Elite 2027:

  • Elijah Eastwood (5’10”, Guard, Class of 2027)

  • Elijah is a hard-nosed player with great upside, known for his defensive tenacity. He excels in transition, can knock down the three-ball, and finishes well at the rim in half-court sets. His ability to do the little things a coach needs makes him indispensable.

  • Adyson Thomas (5’11”, Guard, Class of 2027)

  • Adyson is a very good spot-up shooter who creates opportunities for himself and others. Defensively, he is highly disruptive, always causing havoc. He consistently gives 110% effort, making him a relentless competitor.

Bryson Warren United 2026:

  • Kevius Woods (6'5”, Forward)

  • Kevius is a great shot blocker who can switch on any defensive assignment. He runs the floor well and displays excellent athleticism, making him a versatile defender and offensive contributor.

  • Jordan Moore (5'9”, Guard)

  • Jordan is a floor general with exceptional ball-handling skills and passing ability. He shoots the ball with high efficiency and never takes a play off, providing steady leadership and consistent scoring.

  • Acey Striklin (6'2”, Guard)

  • Acey is a very good shooter with the ability to slash to the basket. His athleticism allows him to dunk from almost anywhere, making him a dynamic offensive threat.

  • Tadavian Wright (6'4”, Forward)

  • Tadavian is an enforcer on the court, known for his rim protection and ability to finish well in the post and mid-range. His physical presence and defensive prowess make him a key player in the paint.

  • AJ Brown (5'10”, Guard)

  • AJ is an elite ball handler with exceptional speed. He can run the show as a point guard or play off the ball, shooting very well and being a pest on defense. His versatility and quickness are significant assets to his team.

These players are set to make a significant impact at the 3rd Annual Memorial Day Challenge, showcasing their talents and helping their teams compete for the coveted championship rings.

The full AthElite Memorial Day Challenge schedule can be viewed at or on the Exposure Events App available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Market.


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