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AthElite Jersey Jam: Player to Watch - Cannon Roth - SEMO Select

Meet Cannon Roth, the 6'4" all-around fundamental basketball player from Class 5 Farmington High School in Missouri. Cannon is a rising star in southeast Missouri and beyond, known for his versatility and impressive skill set. He plays for SEMO Select AAU under the guidance of Coach Birmingham and has made a huge impact in his first year playing AAU basketball.

Cannon's game is characterized by his ability to beat his opponents both inside and out. He is a tough matchup for any defender, regardless of their position. If a post guy tries to guard him, he'll take them outside and hit jumpers from the perimeter. If a guard tries to defend him, he'll take them inside and finish strong around the rim.

Cannon plays at his own pace and is difficult to get out of his comfort zone. He stays composed under pressure and always finds a way to make the right play.

One of Cannon's greatest strengths is his high motor on the glass. He is a tenacious rebounder with great hands and excellent positioning. He is not afraid to mix it up with bigger opponents and always gives his best effort to secure every loose ball. Cannon's toughness and work ethic on the glass are admired by his teammates and coaches alike.

Cannon attends Class 5 Farmington High School in Missouri, where he has been making a name for himself on the basketball court. His all-around fundamentals have helped his team to several victories, and his leadership skills have made him a respected member of the squad. Cannon's commitment to excellence extends beyond the basketball court, as he is also an outstanding student and an active member of his community.

Coach Birmingham, who has been working with Cannon at SEMO Select AAU, speaks highly of the young star. According to Coach Birmingham, Cannon's work ethic and determination are unmatched. He has a natural talent for the game, but he also puts in the necessary effort to improve his skills every day.

He will be on display at this weekend's AthElite Jersey Jam with SEMO Select.


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