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TEAM TO WATCH: Tune Squad 17u

As the AthElite Memorial Day Challenge approaches this weekend in Owensboro, Kentucky, all eyes are on the Tune Squad 17U team. Coached by the esteemed Josh Calloni, the Tune Squad is ready to showcase their talents and live up to their motto: "More Than Basketball." With a roster packed with college prospects, this team is sure to make waves and leave a lasting impression.

Meet the Team:

Kemmeon Hale (6'7" C, Sophomore) A dominant force in the paint, Kemmeon Hale is a player to watch. Standing at 6'7", Hale is an exceptional finisher around the rim with a diverse array of post moves. His defensive prowess is equally impressive, as he uses his size to alter shots and effectively guard the perimeter. Despite being young, Hale's rebounding skills and ability to run the floor make him a key asset to the team.

Jaden Love (6'2" F, Senior) Described as the best unsigned senior in Southern Illinois, Jaden Love is a relentless rebounder, often compared to Dennis Rodman. His athleticism and creative playstyle set him apart, as he consistently secures 14+ rebounds per game. Love's versatility allows him to play like a big while shooting and moving like a guard. His strength, footwork, and work ethic make him a standout player.

Jared Staples (6'0" G, Junior) Jared Staples is the quintessential all-around guard. Whether it's shooting, driving, handling the ball, or leading the team, Staples excels in every aspect. His ability to see the floor in transition and make plays happen is unparalleled. With his purposeful dribbling and sharp decision-making, Staples is a pivotal player for the Tune Squad.

Brayden Smith (6'2" G, Junior) Brayden Smith brings length and intelligence to the court. Known for his acrobatic drives to the rim and excellent off-the-dribble finishing, Smith is an exciting player to watch. His wingspan and defensive coverage add another layer of strength to his game, making him a valuable contributor on both ends of the floor.

Kaden Shields (6'1" G, Junior) Kaden Shields is an exceptional athlete with speed, quickness, and strength. His ability to finish at the rim, combined with his purposeful dribbling and hard cuts, make him a formidable opponent. Shields is relentless on both ends of the floor, consistently outworking everyone and showcasing his rebounding and finishing skills.

Chase Vanhoofebeke (6'0" G, Senior) An IQ player with a work ethic to match, Chase Vanhoofebeke channels his inner Steve Nash. Known for his outstanding defense, playmaking ability, and left-handed passing, Vanhoofebeke is a coach's dream. His high basketball IQ and relentless work ethic make him one of the top unsigned seniors in Southern Illinois, and a player any college would be lucky to have.

Amartez Bankhead (6'1" G, Junior) Amartez Bankhead is the ultimate all-around player. His scoring ability, smooth jump shot, and defensive skills make him a standout on the court. Bankhead's playmaking and overall versatility have earned him the title of the most underrated player in Southern Illinois. Fans and scouts alike will be eager to see him in action and witness his exceptional talent.

The Tune Squad Experience:

Under Coach Josh Calloni's leadership, the Tune Squad 17U team embodies the spirit of "More Than Basketball." This philosophy goes beyond the court, emphasizing personal development, teamwork, and a strong work ethic. Coach Calloni's dedication to his players' growth as athletes and individuals is evident in their performance and attitude.

As they compete in the AthElite Memorial Day Challenge, the Tune Squad is not just aiming for victory but also striving to demonstrate their core values. With a roster full of college prospects, they are set to make a significant impact and continue their journey towards excellence.

Be sure to catch the Tune Squad in action this weekend and witness firsthand why they are more than just a basketball team. They are a testament to dedication, skill, and the true spirit of the game.


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