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SS16 Preview: PAC Basketball

In anticipation of next weekend's Select Super 16 Summer Showcase, our team of writers will be rolling out a slew of team, player, and event previews over the next week. For the first installment, we sat down with our 2019 15u division champion, Liam Woulfe, director of PAC Basketball out of Kansas City. They will be back in action June 27-28 and will look to defend their title.

What is PAC? How did PAC start?

PAC stands for Passion, Attitude, and Confidence. My uncle who is battling cancer told me that back when I was a player and questioned on stopping playing. We try to instill these into our athletes. PAC Basketball started 3 years ago where my dad and I decided to start an AAU team that brought together young men from all types of demographics and backgrounds to show them they can be a family on the court! We have grown a ton in three short years and want to be the top team in KC

Talk about your roster this year- who should people look out for at the Select Super 16?

Our roster is looking very similar to last year:

Tyler Claiborne - 6’3 SG

Ethan Rains - 6’3 SG

Will Gavin - 6’1 PG

Harrison Hughes - 5’7 PG

Myon Winzer - 5’10 PG

Jaden McGhee - 6’4 SF

Garrett Lynch - 6’4 PF