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The Circuit Report: Rush Academy 2029

Rush Academy 2029 is the youngest installment from the always tough Rush Academy program but plays with the same amount of heart as their older counterparts. We had a chance to see them take on the nationally recognized KEM Bad Boys on Friday night in Paducah. Here is what we saw:

#24 Bryce Miller- Smooth guard who plays with a lot of confidence. Runs extremely well in transition and is capable of setting up teammates. Made multiple plays on the break and set up teammates with an array of high level passes.

#22 Isaiah Reynolds- Very impressive young athlete who showed the ability to play inside or out. Long and athletic for his age and did a nice job driving to the rim, running the break, and creating extra opportunities by crashing the glass HARD. Set solid screens to open up the guards. One to watch.

#1 James Bailey-Bey- The strong guard contributed in a variety of ways for Rush Academy 2029. He does a nice job of carving out space off the dribble and looked very comfortable against the Bad Boys' press. He can get in the paint and score or set up teammates.

#11 Jeremiah Rush- The younger brother of the talented Devan and Jaeden Rush, Jeremiah has been taking notes from his big bros and plays with a similar demeanor. Like his older brothers, he is very smooth and has a great feel for the game. Had a nice take in the second half slicing and dicing through defenders that swung the momentum. Followed it up with a big steal. He goes hard all the time.

#21 Malichi Davis- Impressive young athlete who works extremely hard on both ends of the floor. Uses his strong frame to carve out space around the basket and also showed a smooth looking jumper out to 15 feet. Works hard on the interior on defense and proved to have an advanced IQ by fronting larger opponents.

#3 Rodrick Oliver- The small guard proved to be a big spark anytime he's on the floor for Rush. Does a great job at being down and ready to shoot and helped handle the ball against tough pressure. Has a nice catch-and-shoot game and is a catalyst on the Rush press.

#15 Brayden Watson- Tall and athletic big who loves to run the floor and create second and third chances for his team. Rebounds well, alters shots around the basket, and creates 5 on 4 opportunities for his team by beating opponents down the floor.


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