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The Circuit Report: Coach Colin Doss and the Kentucky Supreme

The Circuit Report sat down with Coach Colin Doss of the Kentucky Supreme which is back after a hiatus. Coach Doss takes over the program from Coach Austin Blair. The Supreme expect to pick back up as one of the premier programs in Kentucky and beyond. Gage Johnson (stylized below as GJ) caught up with Coach Doss to talk about the season ahead.

GJ: Tell me a little bit about your team- what are you excited about?

Doss: Kentucky Supreme was given to me and we are getting a late start. I took over about 2 weeks ago. I put a roster together and a schedule together and everything has been really fluid. I couldn’t ask for anything better than that.

GJ: How did you get into coaching?

Doss: This is going to my first time being a head coach. It’s my dream and passion to be a college coach after I graduate college and I felt like this was a great first step. Running my own AAU program is something I’ve always really wanted to do. Direct a program, lead a program, win some championships, and get scholarships for our guys. That’s the number one thing.

GJ: How did that kind of lead to the Kentucky Supreme?

Doss: Kentucky Supreme got started in 2018 and I actually played for them my senior year of high school in AAU. A good friend of mine had to step away during Covid and gave me the opportunity to run this program and I just took advantage.

GJ: Where is Kentucky Supreme based? Doss: We are based out of Western Kentucky mostly but we are going to have guys from all over the state. That’s our goal. We have three guys from Louisville and maybe even one from Eastern Kentucky later in the summer. We’re based out of anywhere and everywhere. We have region one guys, region three, region six, region seven, region 14 guys- we’re everywhere.

GJ: What age group(s) do you have?

Doss: Right now we are only 17u but next summer I hope to build this program to 15u-16u-17u and want to build this program every year and get better and better with more teams and get more guys exposure.

GJ: What is your goal for the players through Kentucky Supreme? Doss: The number one goal is to get college coaches in the seats and watching them and getting them scholarships. That’s what I told (the players) when I was recruiting them. With my connections, we’re going to have coaches in the seats but they have to go out and perform. Getting a late start, we’re not going to have much height- you won’t see us go out there with a 6’8”, 6’9” kid- our biggest guy is Landon Smith (Whitesville Trinity) and he’s 6’5” and the rest are guards and wings. I told them, we’re not going to be the biggest team but I promise we’re going to be the toughest team. We’re going to have teamwork, we’re going to have motivation and dedication, to get them scholarships- hopefully win some trophies along the way- but getting them scholarships is the biggest goal along the way.

GJ: How important is playing in these AAU tournaments to get exposure for these players?

Doss: Oh it’s so important. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now I’m sitting here sophomore year of college and college basketball and seeing it on a daily basis of what I had to do to get recruited, what it takes every day in practice and workouts. I’m in the process of transferring so right now I get all three keys of college basketball. Being 20 years old, I’ve gotten those experiences recently. Some AAU programs, their coaches may be 40 or 50 years old and haven’t been in the college world in a little bit but I can relate to these players really well.

GJ: How do you think that will translate into coaching both on and off the floor?

Doss: First off, I recruited guys and said I wanted them to be coachable and respectful. I play college basketball right now and am only 2 years older than some of these guys but I’m asking- it’s my dream and it’s my passion to be a college basketball coach so I’m asking for some respect. Every single person said “I’m ready coach” “I”m ready to do whatever you have to do whether it’s me not play as much one game or not play at all one game, I’ll do whatever it takes to win.” Those are the types of guys I wanted on my team.

GJ: Who are some players to watch this season? Doss: Man, I was so lucky recruiting this team. I have nine guys in my program and like I said we don’t have much size but I believe we have the heart and the skill. I’m going to give a shoutout to our two unsigned seniors right now and that’s Austin Chiles and Brian Ritchie but every single person on my team can play. Jeremiah Whitner from Terre Haute South High School in Indiana, Cole Burch from Daviess County High School in Owensboro. Austin Chiles is going to be our point guard - he’s a 6’2” combo guard and man he’s tough. He plays on both sides of the ball. He’s got some NAIA and JUCO offers right now with some D2 interest but we’re hoping to push him into that D2 offer range. Hopefully that comes by the end of the season?

GJ: Cole (Burch) is coming off of an injury and missed the latter half of the school season- how’s he looking heading into the summer season?

Doss: I’ve been keeping a lot of research on him and keeping in touch with him and I think he’s ready to go. He’s so excited and he’s been training- he has football right now as well. I brought him on because I know he’s going to be tough and he’s a tough basketball player and a good kid. I think he’s looking good and going to have a really good AAU season.

GJ: Whitesville Trinity made their first regional tournament game this year. Landon Huff and Landon Smith were right there at the heart of it. Smith is a fighter and finds a way to get to the basket and has a mid-range jumper. Landon Huff was their guy. How are you feeling about them and what do you see their role being for your team?

Doss: It’s kind of interesting actually, I found Landon Huff in an AAU event last year and have kept up with region three all year and his dad reached out to me wanting him to play so I got really lucky with him.

GJ: Dude has a knack for scoring despite his wiry frame and is a really good rebounder as well. He hit the 1,000 point mark and is definitely something to look out for. Doss: He plays baseball too. Maybe these college and AAU coaches don’t realize because he’s not able to fully dedicate himself to basketball, but I believe I really got a steal.

GJ: I think when athletes are able to dabble in multiple it allows you to build yourself as an athlete in general.

GJ: When talking about the players in general to look out for, who do you see projecting to the next level and could take that next step: Doss: I believe all 9 guys on our team possesses something. It’s my dream to be a college coach so I wanted to recruit these kids like I would if I’m a college coach. I believe every single person on our team possesses one thing or another that can lead them to the next level- all nine of them. Everyone has their own unique ability.

GJ: What kind of style to play are you wanting to implement? Doss: Well, I was hoping to maybe have some 7 foot or 7 foot 1 guys to work around *laughs* Getting started so late, I tried to recruit some quick and athletic guards and wings. I think we’re going to pressure teams up and down the floor until hopefully we’re up by 20. We want to get out and run, score in transition, get buckets, and have fun. We’re not playing 1-on-1 ball- I won’t let that happen- we’re going to run some sets, have fun, execute in transition, and pressure teams on defense.

GJ: What’s the first tournament you’re playing in? Doss: We’re playing in the AthElite Memorial Day Challenge in Owensboro, Kentucky on May 28th and 29th and right now that’s our first tournament of the year. I’m hoping to get these guys into practice and maybe throw a tournament before then to get ready for the Owensboro tournament. It think it’s going to be a really good tournament with really good teams and really good exposure. We have 3 or 4 college coaches coming to check us out (in Owensboro.)

GJ: When you were planning your schedule, what stood out about AthElite tournaments?

Doss: Like I said, my senior year I played with Kentucky Supreme and was fortunate enough to play in these AthElite tournaments in Cape Girardeau and places like that. I got so much exposure from that from write-ups to college coaches from all levels hitting me up. It’s something I had to get the guys in and couldn’t pass up.

GJ: What are your expectations heading into this year? What are your keys to success? Doss: The way I scheduled our season, I tried to put us in the most exposure as possible. Every time that we play it’s Exposure certified. We play in Owensboro and then we play in the Reebok Summer Slam in Paducah. Then we go to places like Indianapolis, Louisville, St. Louis. I tried to make sure to put these guys in the best position to get exposure. Whether it’s college coaches being at the game, a coach watching a game, or a scout there writing up people and putting them on Twitter and getting them exposure that way. I believe we have a really good chance to get these guys exposure and scholarships.


Brody Hunt - 5'11" - Guard - 2023

Mikey Clay - 6'0" - Guard - 2023

Devyn Powers - 6'1" - Guard - 2023

Austin Chiles - 6'2" - Guard - Class of 2022

Jeremiah Whitner - 6'2 - Guard/Wing - 2023

Brian Ritchie - 6'3" - Guard/Wing - 2022

Cole Burch - 6'3" - Wing/F - 2023

Landon Huff - 6'3" - Guard/Wing - 2023

Savion Sims - 6'4" - Wing - 2023

Landon Smith - 6'5" - Forward - 2023

2022 Schedule:



MAY 28-29



JUNE 4-5



JUNE 11-12



JULY 9-10



JULY 16-17



JULY 23-24



JULY 30-31


The Circuit Report is a scouting and exposure outlet covering grassroots basketball. Home of “The Circuit Report Podcast” and “The Circuit Report Magazine.” The entire Coach Doss interview and others are available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and more can be found at


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