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The Circuit Report: Coach Colin Doss and the Kentucky Supreme

The Circuit Report sat down with Coach Colin Doss of the Kentucky Supreme which is back after a hiatus. Coach Doss takes over the program from Coach Austin Blair. The Supreme expect to pick back up as one of the premier programs in Kentucky and beyond. Gage Johnson (stylized below as GJ) caught up with Coach Doss to talk about the season ahead.

GJ: Tell me a little bit about your team- what are you excited about?

Doss: Kentucky Supreme was given to me and we are getting a late start. I took over about 2 weeks ago. I put a roster together and a schedule together and everything has been really fluid. I couldn’t ask for anything better than that.

GJ: How did you get into coaching?

Doss: This is going to my first time being a head coach. It’s my dream and passion to be a college coach after I graduate college and I felt like this was a great first step. Running my own AAU program is something I’ve always really wanted to do. Direct a program, lead a program, win some championships, and get scholarships for our guys. That’s the number one thing.

GJ: How did that kind of lead to the Kentucky Supreme?

Doss: Kentucky Supreme got started in 2018 and I actually played for them my senior year of high school in AAU. A good friend of mine had to step away during